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At 04:19 AM 11/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>On 11-7-97, Peter Von Sholly <vonrex@gte.net> wrote:
>> For a look at Deinonychus feet the way I believe they really were, check
>> page 109 in Lowell Dingus' new book "The Mistaken Extinction".  At least
>> I'm not the only crank in the world.  The drawing makes total sense,
>> exactly as I have maintained, though scoffed at and shunned! HAH!  Also,
>> the size comparison to the human skeleton is interesting, with respect to
>> the Jurassic Park size stuff.  And this is the only second time I've seen
>> the story of Barnum Brown and "Daptosaurus" in any book.  Now, before you
>> get all excited, I'm not trying to slam Ostrom, Deinonychus as a cool and
>> important dinosaur or anyone/anything else.  I just feel that if
>> Deinonychus is so damn important, then its story in paleo history is also
>> important and should be fully told.
>Could you please let us in on just what the _Deinonychus_ feet look like in
>this, the reconstruction you approve? Thanks!
>Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
>Peter is referring to dromaeosaurs making three-toed tracks as opposed to
two- toed tracks. In many postings on this list in the last six months, I
have also endorsed this opinion and have suggested Irenichnites gracilis as
the ichnotaxon referrable to dromaeosaurs.
Dan Varner