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Claws and Pipping Muscles


I have been corresponding with some on the list about the pipping muscle of
the ratite chicks that appears before the chick is to break out of the shell
and then disappears and the ratite claws. Some wish to examine the necks of
the ratite chicks for indications of attachment or even of older birds, etc.,
(discussion about adaptation) and some wish to examine the bones of the claws
and the leg to gather more information about the current discussion of
whether there were ever the appropriate digits that would indicate the
bird-dinosaur connection.

If anyone is interested in acquiring any of these items as specimens to
examine, please let me know. I'm sure the cost will be minimal from my
suppliers, in fact the shipping will probably cost more than the claw, chick
or neck. Let me know which bird you are looking for. Ostrich and rhea
breeding season is over until next summer; the emu season is beginning now.
The claws and adult necks could be recovered most any time of the year .

Please reply privately to: briscobob@aol.com

Thank you...Deborah Torbert