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Re: (correction)Information Request

Larry --

Here's the only url you need:


It's your library -- go there and ask for help. Don't expect the 
dinosaur listserv group to do your research for you, especially 
when you have a good library *and*  one of the best vertebrate
paleontology museums right in your back yard...


On Sun, 9 Nov 1997 akins@msu.oscs.montana.edu wrote:

>      In my message I asked for references I could use for my speech, not 
> subjects.  In all I've only gotten 2 messages giving me information, all the 
> others have been on what my main idea should be.  I already know what I will 
> have as my main idea.  Please refer me to some good books or web sites on the 
> dinosaur-bird controversy.  I didn't get the response I had wanted.  I'm 
> asking for a little more of a response this time. I only have 2 weeks left 
> before I give this speech, and I don't have nearly enough references 
> (especially web pages).  To those of you that did give me references, thanks. 
> If anyone else has any good references PLEASE let me know.
> Larry Akins

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