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Re: Velocirapor or Size

Ralf Miller wrote...
> I mean, the
> filmmmakers are still blowing it, but we're not talking Godzilla.

     Speaking of which...
     If anyone has seen the teaser for the new Godzilla movie in which the
foot comes through the roof of a Natural History museum to squashes a 
(more or less) anatomically correct, tail lifting Tyrannosaurus rex
skeleton, it appears that this Godzilla will be a little more anatomically
correct then the big green sumo wrestler we all know and love.  
     The foot appears to be digitagrade rather then flat-footed, and has a
prominant hallux.  It looks pretty much like a normal T.rex foot.
Moreover, the tail is seen swinging through the air rather then dragging
after.  I will be interested in seeing just what this new updated Godzilla
looks like. 

LN Jeff