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A question about "Trinitychelys hiatti" and the Chico Formation

I found the Following information on the UCMP Vertebrate Collections page

Trinitychelys hiatti (114260)
-------------- TAXONOMIC INFORMATION --------------
                  Class: Reptilia
                  Order: Chelonia
                Family: Baenidae
                Genus: Trinitychelys
              Species: hiatti
             Identifier: Gaffney,E.S.
     Year Identified: 1972
 Museum Specimen Number: 114260
                Status: TYPE
              Element: SKULL
-------------- LOCALITY INFORMATION --------------
Continent or Ocean: North America
              Country: USA
                  State: California
                County: Monterey Co
     System/Period: Cretaceous
         Storage Age: Maastrichtian
            Formation: Chico
 Musuem Locality Number: V-75074
-------------- CITATION INFORMATION --------------
               Remarks: EQUALS UCMP A919

1 Can anyone please provide me with a citation(s) if this specimen has been
described or referenced?

2 What is the interpretation Chico Formation? My limited California geology
book collection does not describe this formation.

B. Tegowski