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Re: Velociraptor

There is a general confusion about the HEIGHT of an animal and the LENGTH of an

LENGTH goes from tip of nose to tip of tail.

HEIGHT goes from the ground to the highest point of the animal which could be
either the top of head or the shoulder depending on how the animal stood up.
Clearly, some animals would have held their heads up high (the way an ostrich
would today) and others would hold them out in front more... and all of this is
only based on educated guesses anyway.

Hope that helps.


DinosØMP wrote:

> mark wrote:
> > I am more than just a little confused.  I have been doing some research on
> > dinosaurs and I found that Velociraptor had a size of 1.8m.  I want to know
> > if this is correct.
> Exactly 1,8m. long.
> >I am under the understanding that Velociraptor was only
> > about .8m tall.
> 0.8m. tall, yes...

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