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Thescelosaurus specimens

Peter Bucholtz wrote: 

>Having perused Farlow and Brett-Surman's new volume, I came upon a skeletal
>reconstruction of _Thescelosaurus neglectus_ with a very weird skull.  My
>question is, has there been any new material discovered since about 1973 or
>so when Galton published his big paper on this beast?  Back then all that 
>was known was a fragmentary skull cap and isolated teeth.  Has the 
>sutuation changed at all?  If it has, where has it been published, or when 
>might it be?

I don't know if it was specifically _T. neglectus_, but a freshly prepared, 
fairly complete Thescelosaurus skeleton, including skull, was displayed 
at the Tucson show a couple years ago by one of the companies making 
air-abrasive machines (I think it was S. S. White).  I'm not sure if 
they owned the specimen, but I seem to remember talk of someone 
being in the process of describing it.  I myself have a 
Thescelosaurus tibia and one vertebra from South Dakota, Hell 
Creek Fm.  They looked identical in size and shape to the corresponding 
bones on the Tuscon specimen, which I believe was also from the Hell 
Creek Fm.

Glen Kuban