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Re: Lost World sauropod (was Re: _Velociraptor_ or Size)

At 06:23 PM 11/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
>On 11-11-97, Daniel Varner <danvarner@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>>>No Jeff, you are thinking of Marcel Delgado who constructed most of
>> O'Brien's animation models in _The Lost World_, _King Kong_,_Son of
>> and the unmade _Creation_,_War Eagles_ and _Gwangi_.
>> > I wonder if the Brachiosaurus in the 1925 _The Lost World_, constructed
>> Delgado, was the first life restoration of that dinosaur. Or was it
>> drawing? Anyone?
>> > Harryhausen, at least early in his career, sculpted his own
>> what fine ones they were. I believe the only Marcel Delgado models he
>> animated were those in _Mighty Joe Young_.
>> > Sometime, when things get really slow on this list, perhaps a fun
>> would be to document the first appearence of restoration images of the
>> various dinsaurian taxa. 
>> >Dan Varner.
>Marcel Delgado, absolutely correct.  But I believe that the sauropod in
>_The Lost World_ (1925) was a _Brontosaurus_ (a legendary creature with the
>body of _Apatosaurus_ and the head of _Camarasaurus_).  That is how it
>appears to me, and how it is named in the references I have.  If you can
>provide references that disagree with this classification, please do.
>Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
>Of course, the main dinosaurian character in the 1925(and much superior)
version of _The Lost World_is "Brontosaurus". If you have a video you can
run, check out the fabulous stampede sequence during the volcanic eruption
up there in Maple White Land. There you will see Brachiosaurus with its
conspicuously large front legs. There may be a theropod or two on its back.
Unfortunately, I was one of those enlightened ones who opted for the much
superior BETA mode of vcr's, so my copy is unavailable at the moment.
Perhaps our correspondent from _The Dino Gazette_ could verify my
observation. Willis O'Brien apparently consulted with Barnum Brown on a
number of occasions. Any research on this would be most interesting. O'Brien
and Delgado's Styracosaurus that finally appeared in _Son of Kong_ was
certainly one of the earliest restorations of that dinosaur to appear
anywhere. Was this due to the Brown connection? Gilmore's bust(of
Styracosaurus, that is) may be earlier. Once again, anyone out there in
dinoland that can shed light on this matter? Dr. Farlow?
Dan Varner.