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Re: Lost World sauropod (was Re: _Velociraptor_ or Size)

My only real reference is the Afterword to _The New Dinosaurs: An
Alternative Evolution_ by Dougal Dixon in regards to the other Delgado.
But I understand there is "found" film on "The Lost World" with all
of visual fun.  Such as the "raging" misplaced dinosaur swimming back to
White Maple Land.

- Alan

tuckercj@miavx1.acs.muohio.edu wrote:
> If I remember correctly, Glut used to do alot with movie,comic book, and
> cartoon dinosaurs (this is the same Glut who wrote the novel version of
> The Empire Strikes Back?). Again, if I remember correctly he did an
> interview for a dinosaur documentary where he is in his office surrounded
> by dinosaur movie posters, toys, comic books, etc. and says something to
> the effect that you don't have to be a scientist to love and write about
> dinosaurs.  This has been a long time ago so my memory of this is a little
> vague.  Anyway, he may be someone you might want to ask some of these
> dinosaur movie-related questions of.
> Just a suggestion,
> Casey T.