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Re: Birds, dinosaurs, and digit 1

At 02:28 PM 11/9/97 -0500, Dinogeorge@AOL.COM wrote:
>But the correspondence of phalangial counts >and shapes< in 
>dinosaurs to those in _Archaeopteryx_, not to mention the remainder 
>of the
>skeletal anatomy, pretty much nails down the close relationship 
>between those
>two forms and strongly suggests that avian wing digits are I-III.

I just got through looking at some reconstructions of Archeopteryx' and
Deinonychus' hands.  They are virtually *identical*, at least as figured.
Just about the only difference shown was in the relative lengths and
thicknesses of the outer two digits.

If Archie isn't part of the maniraptoran clade, humans are not apes.

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com