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Re: Birds, dinosaurs, and digit 1

At 10:18 PM 11/12/97 -0800, Stan Friesen wrote:

>I just got through looking at some reconstructions of Archeopteryx' and
>Deinonychus' hands.  They are virtually *identical*, at least as figured.
>Just about the only difference shown was in the relative lengths and
>thicknesses of the outer two digits.
>If Archie isn't part of the maniraptoran clade, humans are not apes.

Which basically takes us back to John Ostrom and 1970...

(Which was, of course, the beginning of the rethink of bird origins.
Ostrom, who wanted to start up a project on pterosaurs, was looking at the
type of "_Pterodactylus crassipes_", when he noticed "Hey, this is an
_Archaeopteryx_!" and then "HEY! That's just like the hand of _Deinonychus_
I just finished describing!!".)

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