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Re: Lost World sauropod and Glut volume 2

> From: Daniel Varner <danvarner@worldnet.att.net>
> To: Gigi Babcock or Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
> >On 11-11-97, Daniel Varner <danvarner@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> >>>No Jeff, you are thinking of Marcel Delgado who constructed most of
> >Willis
> >> O'Brien's animation models in _The Lost World_, _King Kong_,_Son of
> >Kong_,
> >> and the unmade _Creation_,_War Eagles_ and _Gwangi_.
> >> > I wonder if the Brachiosaurus in the 1925 _The Lost World_,
> >by
> >> Delgado, was the first life restoration of that dinosaur. Or was it
> >O.Abel's
> >> drawing? Anyone?
> >> > Harryhausen, at least early in his career, sculpted his own
> >creatures-and
> >> what fine ones they were. I believe the only Marcel Delgado models he
> >> animated were those in _Mighty Joe Young_.
> >> > Sometime, when things get really slow on this list, perhaps a fun
> >project
> >> would be to document the first appearence of restoration images of the
> >> various dinsaurian taxa. 
> >> >Dan Varner.
> >
> >Marcel Delgado, absolutely correct.  But I believe that the sauropod in
> >_The Lost World_ (1925) was a _Brontosaurus_ (a legendary creature with
> >body of _Apatosaurus_ and the head of _Camarasaurus_).  That is how it
> >appears to me, and how it is named in the references I have.  If you can
> >provide references that disagree with this classification, please do.
> >
> >Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
> > 
> >Of course, the main dinosaurian character in the 1925(and much superior)
> version of _The Lost World_is "Brontosaurus". If you have a video you can
> run, check out the fabulous stampede sequence during the volcanic
> up there in Maple White Land. There you will see Brachiosaurus with its
> conspicuously large front legs. There may be a theropod or two on its

Yes, I just viewed a snippet of _The Lost World_ (1925) on the "2 tape
video set: Dinosaurs!" hosted by Donald F. Glut, and you are, of course,
correct, the stampede sequence does feature a specimen of _Brachiosaurus_. 
The film featured 49 dinosaur models in all!  _Dinosaurs!_ is an
inexpensive video set compiling clips from numerous dinosaur films,
including rare silent films and the _Creation_ demo reel.  And the
soundtrack features a couple of tracks performed by The Iridium Band, with
Donald F. Glut and this list's very own Peter Von Sholly.

On a lighter note, the October 1997 SVP News Bulletin has a brief message
from Donald F. Glut apologizing for any confusion arising from typos and
upside-down illustrations in _Dinosaurs: the Encyclopedia_, the book he
labored on for 11 years and which was a year in press.  He states that
these errors "will be corrected in the all new 'Volume 2,' to be published
in 1999."  He goes on to say: "At least the occasional misspelled taxon
will keep George Olshevsky busy for a while when he prepares his next

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>