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Elmsauridae, What happened at SVP?

Hello all,

Before SVP, well before, I asked repeatedly about the dinosaurs within
Elmsauridae. I was told there was to be some new information presented
there, but I haven't heard any more about them. I am most interested in
these beasts because of their apparent uniqueness. Of course there are many
things I don't know about them, and this is the whole point.

Branching from that subject, slightly, is the gracile hand structure a
common trait among smallish theropods? If so, what can be learned from that
one trait? Is it possible that George O. has evidence spread across the
spectrum of little thropods of his BCF thinking? ( Notice I didn't use the
term "theory").

Another thing that I want to know about is whether a type specimen can be
replaced if a much better specimen is found? I seems to me that it would
make sense to do so. If a description of a species is based on a specimens
that is only 30 to 40 percent complete, and a 98 percent specimen is
recovered, what the hell? Is science bettered because of this, if that's
the way it happens now? I know I don't understand these rules, so I'm

Jumping to another subject, does anyone have the real poop on why the
Peebles(sp?) family has broken off their relationship with Horner and MOR?
I think the list should know exactly what is going on there. It seems funny
that a relationship such as that would end over money. Was it the fact that
a circus atmosphere developed on their land? Yeah, I know, pure
speculation, but that's what I'm asking for, to end such. Of course the
facts are what each person sees them as.

Roger A. Stephenson
Hell Creek Homey