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Peebles and MOR (WAS: RE: Pebbles and Bam Bam)

>Jumping to another subject, does anyone have the real poop on why the
>Peebles(sp?) family has broken off their relationship with Horner and MOR?

The "divorce" took place about 7-8 years ago; it isn't
news.  When the Nature Conservancy and MOR were negotiating
with the Peebles about the purchase of Egg Mountain, they had
trouble working out a deal.  That started the bad feelings.
Things went down hill from there.
Paraphrasing from a "News and Views" commentary in the journal
_Science_ from a couple years ago, the Peebles are also
upset (justifiably so, in my opinion) that people are trespassing
on their property, which is on the same road that leads to
Horner's Egg Mountain site.  People seem to think that they can
just stop the car anywhere on the road, get out, and cart stuff
off without asking. 
The last straw happened a few years ago, when 5-6 year old kids,
coming back with their parents after a day-dig at Egg Mountain
with Horner, found and hacked (I am being polite here) pieces of an
albertosaur out of the ground on Peebles land, then
threw the jumbled fragments into a cardboard box and
took them back to a paleontologist at the Egg Mountain dig site.
The poor site-paleontologist, knowing it was theropod material, and
also aware that he was just handed stolen property, immediately contacted
the Peebles about the incident. No charges were layed on the
pre-pubescents, but you can imagine how everyone involved
felt.  I'll post the references for this sad story later.

>I think the list should know exactly what is going on there.

Suffice to say, the family has had it with both scientists
AND curious vacationers.