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Re: Elmsauridae, What happened at SVP?

At 07:40 PM 11/13/97 -0600, Roger wrote:
>Hello all,
>Before SVP, well before, I asked repeatedly about the dinosaurs within
>Elmsauridae. I was told there was to be some new information presented
>there, but I haven't heard any more about them. I am most interested in
>these beasts because of their apparent uniqueness. Of course there are many
>things I don't know about them, and this is the whole point.

There seems to be some miscommunication here.  The new "elmisaurid"
(properly caenagnathid) paper was presented at SVP (the Society of Vert
Paleo) years ago.  What is about to come out is the actual, physical paper
in *J*VP (the Journal of Vert Paleo).  From what Hans Sues tells me, his new
_Chirostenotes_ paper will be out in the December issue of JVP.

>Branching from that subject, slightly, is the gracile hand structure a
>common trait among smallish theropods? If so, what can be learned from that
>one trait?

Ummm, the structure (actually, suite of structures) to which you refer are
characteristic of Maniraptoriformes, and indeed are the very structures
which led Gauthier to recognize and name "Maniraptora".  They are found only
in advanced coelurosaurs: other small theropods (such as most coelophysoids)
lack them.

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