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                      Subject:                              Time:  11:06 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         JVP                                   Date:  11/14/97

  I generally get my technical info from various sources.  Sometimes I
request a paper from someone, or sometimes I luck out and someone gives me
their leftovers.  What has stopped me from subscribing to JVP is the many
articles that I really don't want to read.  To put it rather simply, if it's
not about dinosaurs, I'm not going to read a scientific paper.  That's just
my personal choice.  Is there a scientific publication that publishes the
latest papers that deals only with dinosaurs?  I don't want pop culture
publications, but really good up to date fresh out of the oven dinosaur
science.  The JVP's I've looked through have maybe one paper on dinos, is
this rare or did I just miss out on the ones that have more?
  If there is nothing that is what I'm looking for, could someone tell me how
to subcribe to Journal of Vert. Paleo ?  I saw that someone mentioned a
Journal of Paleobiology, what does that entail?  Even though I enjoy reading
about the bones and classification, I'm interested from an artist's
standpoint as well.
Hope this was coherent for a pre-coffee-post.
 David Krentz

  David Krentz