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Re: Neoteny & Avian Evolution

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, John R. Hutchinson wrote:

> Ahh, but they have!  See _Evolutionary Change and Heterochrony_, K.J.
> McNamara (ed.), 1995; specifically Chapter 8 by Long and McNamara on
> "Heterochrony in Dinosaur Evolution". A shorter version of this is in the
> Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs under "Heterochrony." Cheers!
<Lurker decloaking>
        Anyone have a spare copy or could send me a copy? 
It'd be much abliged, as I am considering something along the lines as a
senior project... I've been off the list for quite a while but....I'ma
back. ;) Anyways if you can e-mail me off the list, Thanks

Aaron Feuk