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Obligatory parental nest attendance.

I was wondering if anyone would care to comment on this idea?
Oxygen is limiting for underground nests.  Many dinosaurs oviposited in
sand.  Dinosaur eggs were bigger (in general) than turtle and crocodile
eggs.  They therefore required more oxygen.  They also probably had a
higher rate of embryonic growth, and so needed even more oxygen.  These
together made it necessary to have eggs closer to thwe surface in
order to access that oxygen.  If this were all true, their eggs would not
have the moderating  effect that a thick layer of sand would provide.  The
only way to provide this would be for a parent to modulate the various
optima, by warming, shading, ventilating, etc.
I seem to remember that most late-cretaceous nests are fairly shallow.
Comments on or offline appreciated.