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Peebles Ranch troubles; follow-up

Someone asked a couple days ago about the Peebles family,
the ranchers on whos land Marion Brandvold first found
Horner's baby dinosaurs back in the 1980's.
The mood of the family (as of a couple years ago) has
been widely reported in the media; a couple print sources
are given below:

Potera, C. 1995. Amateur fossil hunters dig up trouble in
    Montana. _Science_ vol. 268, April 14, 1995: pp. 198-199.

Mullen, L. 1994. Bellingham boy leads dinosaur find.
    _The Bellingham Herald_ (a newspaper).
    Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A., August 13, 1994: page 1.

Both of the above sources talk about the "albertosaur" that
was found on their land back in 1994, and the contraversy
that followed.  I used to have a clipping on the story
from the Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, Montana), but
damned if I can find it.  The publ. date was probably
close to the publ. date of the Bellingham Herald story,
as the Parker family (the thieves) went crazy submitting
their story all around the Pacific Northwest around this time,
(that is until they realized they were submitting a
criminal confession to dozens of newspapers!  They
eventyally stopped their ad-campaign!  :-)

                        Phillip Bigelow