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Re: Lost World sauropod (was Re: _Velociraptor_ or Size)


Big Dan is right!

The "brontosaurus" is the sort of "star" dino in the story, but there is quite
an array of beasts running around in the fire scene including several what
appear to be Brachiosaurus. This is even more apparent in the recent
reconstruction of the film which ads back a substantial number of scenes which
are missing from the video which is commonly available.

Some one of these days, we'll be getting around to posting a fuller story about
the dinos in this movie...with our usual peculiar paleontological spin on
things. (Check out the Gertie the Dinosaur article at
http://www.dinosaur.org/Gertie.htm if you have no idea what I'm talking about).
It's in the works.

We're interested, however, in what research was actually done for the film.

A lot of it was done for O'Brien's earlier film "Ghost of Slumber Mountain"
which also has a "bronto" in it amongst other beasts. Unfortunately the print I
have of that is so awful that it's not only hard to watch, but hard to make out
what is going on as well. We fully intend to inflict some of our barely visible
stills on all of you one of these days.


Daniel Varner wrote:

> >Of course, the main dinosaurian character in the 1925(and much superior)
> version of _The Lost World_is "Brontosaurus". If you have a video you can
> run, check out the fabulous stampede sequence during the volcanic eruption
> up there in Maple White Land. There you will see Brachiosaurus with its
> conspicuously large front legs. There may be a theropod or two on its back.

> Once again, anyone out there in
> dinoland that can shed light on this matter? Dr. Farlow?
> Dan Varner.

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