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e dated 97-11-16 01:42:10 EST, larrydunn@hotmail.com writes:

<< What is the current status of "Anasazisaurus?"  Is it "Kritosaurus," as 
 Horner contends?  (For that matter, is there a "Kritosaurus" for 
 "Anasazisaurus" to be in the first place?) >>

_Anasazisaurus_ is one of two genera based on skulls that Horner in 1992
referred to _Kritosaurus_ (the other is _Naashoibitosaurus_). _Kritosaurus_
is based on the back portion of a skull indistinguishable from either of
those two genera, which if true would make it a _nomen dubium_. Both genera
seem distinguishable by the front portions of their skulls, but Horner has
contended (though not yet in print) that _Anasazisaurus_ and
_Naashoibitosaurus_ are based on individual variants of a still valid
_Kritosaurus_. Since there is only one skull available for each of these
genera (most material previously referred to _Kritosaurus_ is now placed in
_Gryposaurus_), there is as yet no handle on the limits of variation within
the genera, and it is thus not currently possible to establish the validity
of any of them. I would keep them all separate for the time being, pending
the discovery of new material.