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Re: Whose definition of Dinosauria?

In a message dated 97-11-16 11:44:11 EST, th81@umail.umd.edu writes:

<< >These are just some of the fun and games you can have with
 >phylogenetic taxonomy and large scale changes in phylogenetic hypotheses.
 >It is also good reason to use Georges definition of Dinosauria
 >(Megalosaurus +Iguanodon)
 Er. umm, excuse me?  George's definition?  I think if you search the
 archive, you might find a different name was first associated with such a
 (Or, if you want a hard copy reference:
 "Regrettably, it was only later that T.R. Holtz (personal communication)
 suggested that the first two described dinosaurs, Megalosaurus and
 Iguanodon, included in Owen's original Dinosauria, would have been more
 fitting end members than birds and Triceratops!" - p. 178
 Padian, K. 1997.  Dinosauria: Definition.  pp. 175-179.  In Currie, P.J. and
 K. Padian (eds.) Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs.  Academic Press.  >>

Tom and I hit on this rather obvious definition for Dinosauria independently
and almost simultaneously (I did on reading Kevin's definition). Tom,
however, got into print with it first, e.g., in the above excerpt.