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Re: Obligatory parental nest attendance.

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Ellen Sue Blakey wrote:

> In re: dino eggs bigger than turtle eggs: We have on display two fossilized
> eggs, prepared by Terry Manning (cover story in National Geographic back in
> April '95 I believe, don't have it in front of me). There is no apparent
> difference in size, shape, etc. 

Thank you.
I think adult size is relevant, of course.  Troodon weighed about 50 kg.
and had eggs of 500 grams each.  I have figures for five chelonians.  Here
are their adult masses followed by their eggs masses.
385 --101
Troodon is not typical, but still...
Is it possible that turtle's eggs do not scale downward (i.e., as dinos
get bigger their eggs, as a percentage of their body weight become