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Re: ABCNEWS.COM on dinosaur lungs

>     ABCNEWS.COM today, November 14, has a feature on the current Science
> magazine (Nov. 14) article claiming that bird lungs are so dissimilar to
> dinosaur lungs that one could not have come from the other...

I haven't read this article.  I would like to second the people on this list 
who expressed skepticism that bird and dinosaur lungs were so different.

However, this is NOT the point.  The only way to provide evidence that birds 
are not dinosaurs is to show that there is some other group of animals which 
are more similar to birds than dinosaurs are.  Or if we are only concerning 
ourselves with the evidence of the lungs, it is necessary to find an animal 
with lungs which resemble birds' lungs more than those of dinosaurs do.

Does anyone know of an animal with a birdlike respiratory system, and if so, do 
its other features make it a plausible close relative of birds?