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Re: JVP & other publications

I subscribe to a number of dinosaur magazines, and you might be interested
in these, too.  As an artist and enthusiast, I don't find any of these
publications to be particularly thorough, but still they are worth the
investment to me personally.  I would say that the JVP, _Science_, _Science
News_, and _Nature_ are the real thing in that they are respected
scientific journals which feature the original writings of researchers, but
as you know they do not focus exclusively on dinosaurs, and they are rich
in jargon and sometimes don't offer much in the way of graphic
reconstructions that would be of value to artists.

The Dinosaur Society offers both the quarterly _The Dinosaur Report_ and
the kid's monthly, _The Dino Times_.  The former is much more scholarly,
and gives references to scientific papers, but the kid's newspaper offers
more photos and drawings.  For $40 a year you can become a family member of
The Dinosaur Society and get both and support dinosaur science at the same

_Dinosaur Discoveries_ is also a decent publication overall, and includes
references at the end of its articles, too.  As you may be aware, the
publication has occasionally botched things up in the editing process (see
the archives), but it does bring together a lot of bite-size info with
generally very good illustrations.  It costs $25 for six issues.

_Dinosaur World_ is comparable to _Dinosaur Discoveries_, though it does
seem to split its coverage 50/50 between dinosaur science and dinosaur art.
 It costs $15 for 3 issues a year. 

I also subscribe to the glossiest of the bunch, _Dinosaurus_ magazine,
which is designed for kids and (as dino girl writer has put it) "sucked"
when it first came out.  You may find nice photos and graphics and layout
herein, but you may also find illustrations that veer wildly away from what
we know about a given dinosaur, so look out!  I'm giving them the benefit
of the doubt (for the time being) that they're going to shape up, so we'll
just have to see.  

There is also a magazine called _Prehistoric Times_, but as its focus is on
collectables, I don't recommend it.

The Dinosaur Art and Modeling page has info on most of these under

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>