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Re: gamma detection

Ray Jones, University of Utah radiation analyst and amateur
paleontologist, developed a "radiological surveyor" to pinpoint faint
radiation from fossils buried 40" or so. They worked at Dinosaur
National Monument near Vernal in July 1996, supposedly turned up a
missing skull although I've heard no more about it.
We (Wyoming Dinosaur Center) had a young man, Collin Suko, a grad of SD School 
Mines, here
trying out some other equipment, (GPR, ground penetrating radar) to see
what could be found  winter of 1996. He and our then-geologist Ty Naus
worked together on the equipment and the software. I have an article on
our process if anyone need its, not a technical one, just an informational
Ellen Sue Blakey, Education Director
The Wyoming Dinosaur Center
reply to: ellensb@trib.com