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Three things (not of Orient are)

Thing number 1:

  Additional photos from SVP (again supplied by Mary Kirkaldy -- rumor
has it she wasn't the only one there with a camera, so we expect
others of you to pony up some goods at some point in the future --
I've given up on the expectation that anyone can change the past) are
available for your viewing pleasure at:


Thing number 2:

  Yesterday I received in the mail the latest issue of _Scientific
American_ (I didn't look, but I'd guess it's the December issue).  It
contains an article by our own Jim Farlow (and someone else :-)
Apparently Jim only writes short cryptic messages for us because he
saves his longer stuff for mass production.  I'm hurt, Jim! (not
really)  The article is (according to my quick glance) about how to
reconstruct a behavior from a single long trackway, in this case a
trackway wich appears to show an Allosaur chasing and attacking a

Thing number 3:

  A friend of mine is exploring the evolutionary links uniting birds
and dinosaurs, and he came across a reference to 132 characters that
the two groups share.  Apparently Gauthier's 1986 analysis lists 85.
Does anyone know where the other 48 might be listed (assuming that the
first source is accurate)?

Happy viewing, happy reading and thanks.

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)