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Re: Three things (not of Orient are)

At 07:48 PM 11/18/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Thing number 1:
>  Additional photos from SVP (again supplied by Mary Kirkaldy -- rumor
>has it she wasn't the only one there with a camera, so we expect
>others of you to pony up some goods at some point in the future --
>I've given up on the expectation that anyone can change the past) are
>available for your viewing pleasure at:
>Thing number 2:
>  Yesterday I received in the mail the latest issue of _Scientific
>American_ (I didn't look, but I'd guess it's the December issue).  It
>contains an article by our own Jim Farlow (and someone else :-)
>Apparently Jim only writes short cryptic messages for us because he
>saves his longer stuff for mass production.  I'm hurt, Jim! (not
>really)  The article is (according to my quick glance) about how to
>reconstruct a behavior from a single long trackway, in this case a
>trackway wich appears to show an Allosaur chasing and attacking a
>Thing number 3:
>  A friend of mine is exploring the evolutionary links uniting birds
>and dinosaurs, and he came across a reference to 132 characters that
>the two groups share.  Apparently Gauthier's 1986 analysis lists 85.
>Does anyone know where the other 48 might be listed (assuming that the
>first source is accurate)?
>Happy viewing, happy reading and thanks.
>Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)
>I have come to the conclusion that Jim Farlow considers this list a sort of
living Rolodex.
Dan Varner