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Re: Three things (not of Orient are)

At 02:48 PM 11/18/97 -0500, Mickey Rowe wrote:

>Thing number 2:
>  Yesterday I received in the mail the latest issue of _Scientific
>American_ (I didn't look, but I'd guess it's the December issue).  It
>contains an article by our own Jim Farlow (and someone else :-)

It is the December issue, the first author is David A. Thomas, and the title
is "Tracking a Dinosaur Attack" (pp. 74-79).  It concerns the Paluxey
dinosaur tracks, and in particular the case for an Acrocanthosaurus attack
on an Astro..., er, Pleurocoelus.  Very cool.

Also very cool (or cold, blooded that is) is the add on pp. 66-67, for the
Jeep Cherokee 5.9 limited.  It shows an iguana in the passenger's seat, and
reads "The seats are leather.  Of course, some find the fact they're heated
to be more appealing."  Since I'm doing dinosaur endothermy/ectothermy this
week, I brought in the issue to xerox an overhead.

An aside: I can't recall if this paper has been mentioned or not, but it is
quite useful for people dealing with basal dinosaurs, prosauropods, and the

Bonaparte, J.F. & Pumares, J.A.  1995.  Notas sobres el primer craneo de
_Riojasaurus incertus_ (Dinosauria, Prosauropoda, Melanorosauridae) del
Triassico Superior de la Rioja, Argentina.  Ameghiniana 32 (4): 341-349.

If you want to know what a really primitive prosauropod skull looks like,
this is the paper for you...

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