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Re: Bird Lungs vs. Dinosaur Lungs

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Alan Sinder wrote:

> I'm more interested in how scales could evolve into feathers.
> - Alan
> PS  Just because IT seems obvious doesn't make it so.

The postscript is true.  There has been some question recently about
whether or not scales actually did give rise to feathers or hair.  Kent
and Miller. (1997).  _Comparative Anatomy: of the vertebrates._  Wm. C.
Brown Publishers, Dubuque, discuss the possibility of hair and feathers
being completely new structures without previous dermal or epidermal

I do not happen to believe this.  I like the idea of scales being the
predecessors of feathers, hair, and even uguals, but I've been wrong in
the past, so make your own opinion.  

Hope this is beneficial in some small way!