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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #81

Peter Buchholtz (did I spell this name correctly?) notes the appearance of
the generic name


in the article on Marginocephalia by Catherine Forster and Paul Sereno in
_The Complete Dinosaur_, edited by James Farlow and Michael Brett-Surman.
This looks like another of those "advance publications" of a dinosaur name
whose formal description will appear shortly. It is in a list of Asian
protoceratopids, so I presume that this is where it will be classified.

So add genus #815 to the List:

Graciliceratops Forster & Sereno, 1997 [nomen nudum]

Also, Josh Smith notes that You Hailu's name is misspelled "Yu Hailu" in the
article on the new segnosaur species in the Silk Road volume. I reported this
article in the previous DGL corrections (#80) and copied the misspelling