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Elmisauridae and holotypes

Greetings all,

Is there a place, or person, I could write to get a description of any
Elmisaurdae species? You gotta understand the complete lack of reference
material here in the "natural state". Is ther a chance in hell I can find
out something more than is in the Dinosauria over the web? If not an
address would be appreciated.

I think I understand the holotype system as it now exists, but it seems to
me there is a gap in the method.  If a fragmentary and incomplete specimen
is described, and that specimen has been distorted by compression or other
forces, and a very similar specimen is found that is perfectly preserved,
how is the errection of a new species avoided? If a skull is found, and no
other material, and there exists a named species without a skull, how is
the double name problem avoided?


Roger A. Stephenson
Hell Creek Homey