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Re: Gored to death

Roger A. Stphenson wrote:
>The sour grapes aspect is that we are subjectd to political doublespeak. I

> >suppose all the coal, oil, gold, and other valueable mineral resources
> >found on "government" land is now offically property of the people in tha
> >state it was found. Boy we Arkansas folks are going to be sweatin' next
> >summer without that Wyoming coal to fire our powerplants, and thus runour

no.no! go back and reread the article.

 >Gore has asked Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman to work with
 >Montana state officials and the Montana congressional delegation to
> find a proper place within the state to make the old bones accessible
> to the public.

The official contacted was in charge of AGRICULTURE, so your mineral rights
are just fine, thank you ma'am.  Corn and Wheaties, on the other