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Re: Staurikoeoraptor

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, Ron Dass wrote:

> While working with my son on a dinosaur report for his 6th grade class I
> came across something that piked my curiosity. In Czerkas' book
> "Dinosaurs-A Global View" there is an illustration in the Triassic
> chapter with a caption that described it as Staurikosaurus - the
> earliest known dinosaur. But I seem to remember that Sereno in his
> Argentina expedition supposedly unearthed the earliest known dinosaur
> and called it Eoraptor. Are these two the same beast?  They both seem to
> be about the same size - 2m or so long (?) and both are from Argentina
> and nowhere does Czerkas mention Eoraptor. What is the story on these
> taxa? 

Sounds like Czerkas's book was written before the discovery of _Eoraptor_.
They are different beasts -- _Eoraptor_ is a little more primitive.

> And what about Lagosuchus? It seems to be a thecodont
oogh, the "T" word...
> on the very brink of dinosaurhood. How does it fall short?
Primarily features of the sacrum, I believe. Someone on this list should
know more...

--T. Mike Keesey
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