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Re: Gored to death

 roger@arkansas.net wrote:

>The sour grapes aspect is that we are subjectd to political doublespeak. I
>suppose all the coal, oil, gold, and other valueable mineral resources
>found on "government" land is now offically property of the people in tha
>state it was found. Boy we Arkansas folks are going to be sweatin' next
>summer without that Wyoming coal to fire our powerplants, and thus runour

   Surely you can see the difference between a T. rex (or any other)
fossil, which has a priceless scientific and cultural value, and a simple
commodity like coal or gas or whatever, which is bought and sold freely by
private interests. . .  which, by the way, are also allowed to pursue their
private business on public lands *relatively* unhindered by the government.
   Keep it in perspective!

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