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Re: "Megaraptor"?

At 10:05 PM 11/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Two people have independently e-mailed me about a new species of giant
>South American dromaeosaurid (bigger than _Utahraptor_!) described in the
>latest National Geographic.

Megaraptor is a very fragmentary specimen with a giant monster (37 cm)
sickle claw from the Rio Neuquen (Turonian-Coniancian) of Argentina.  Novas
will be describing it in a forthcoming short note in JVP.

>What's a dromaeosaur doing in South America? What's known of it? Are they
>really going to name it "Megaraptor"? (I hope so, because I've already put
>it on my website -- yes, I'll put up a new name before the drop of a hat.)

That is indeed the name.  And, as dromaeosaurids are now known from the
slightly older Cenomanian units of northern Africa, an Argentine one isn't
too surprising.

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