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Re: "Megaraptor"?

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Brian Choo wrote:

> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> >And, as dromaeosaurids are now known from the
> >slightly older Cenomanian units of northern Africa, an Argentine one isn't
> >too surprising.
> Don't forget that southeastern Australia had dromaeosaurids way back in the
> Aptian/Albian!

Thta's the first I've heard of Australian dromaeosaurs. Is there an
actual new species that's going to be described someday or is it just
indeterminate dromaeosaurid material (like teeth)?

Ever since I started listing unnamed species on my dinosaur pages, I've
noticed that the Dromaeosauridae seems to have more than its share.
There're ones from Africa, France, Japan, Mongolia, and, until recently,
Argentina. Also the possible close relatives from Madagascar (flying
sickle-claw) and the U.S.A. ("Linsterosaurus"). And there's also one from
Australia? Why are there so many?

--T. Mike Keesey
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