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Height of extinct creatures

Quoth Sarima:
>Perhaps someone ought to come up with a schema about how to measure each
>and every extinct animal so that there would be less semantic confusion --
>especially for
non-English speakers.

I think we are asking for too much organization here  :-)  a lot of the
question of "what is the REAL height" is subjective, and the point about
the giraffe is very well taken. But you would still expect to measure its
shorter-necked relatives to the shoulder. So if I were writing up the
giraffe, I would give its height at the shoulder to be consistent, AND its
ground-to-crown height to explain what we find most remarkable about the

Wouldn't it make more sense just to specify each measurement being used,
rather than toss around the unqualified term "height"? (I think "length" is
less ambiguous; am I wrong? I suppose "length" of an octopus is sort of
silly. "Diameter"?)

In the decidedly nonspecialist DINO HUNT game, I said simply "height" if I
was using ground-to-crown-if-standing-erect height, as for theropods
(though if the body stance was normally horizontal, this is not really as
meaningful as we used to think it was). I used "height at hip" or "height
at shoulder" for most quadrupeds; when I had both, I used the larger one
(e.g., for sauropods who stood taller at the hip). I didn't give a height
stat for creatures with the crocodile bauplan; their length is the
interesting thing.

Hey, if I can be specific, the professionals can do it . . .

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