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Re: Australian mammal remains

Adam Yates wrote:

>  The find is small mammal jaw (dunno if it is upper or lower). Tom
>  initially thought that it was a placental mammal wich is rather unexpected
>  biogeographically. I'm not sure but I think that he has now revised that
>  to basal therian incertae sedis. As for what gets reported in the popular
>  media you just can't trust it (I know from personal experience).

The story (and the web page from the Drs. Rich) is at:

The find is called _Ausktribosphenos nyktos_ ("The Australian Cretaceous  
tribosphenic mammal that lived by night.")  The article says it appears to 
either belong to the placentals or to a "totally new group of mammals 
closely related to the placentals."