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Re: Australian mammal remains

   On 22 Nov 97 08:54:00 EST, dannj@alphalink.com.au (Dann Pigdon)

   > Just about every news program in Melbourne last night
   > ran the story about the mammal jaw found at the Inverloch rock
   > platform site in south eastern Australia, dating to around 115
   >MYA.  Apparently it has been dubbed "Mighty Mouse" or some such
   >silly  name, and the news program I saw (I was in a restaurant at
   >the time,  so hearing it was a bit of a strain) seemed to suggest
   >that it was  the oldest mammal remains anywhere. Surely not? I've
   >got an old  palaeontological book from the early 1980s that
   >mentions Triassic  mammal remains.

   The fossil isn't the oldest mammalian, but the first of its kind to
   be found outside of South East Asia. Therefore, so goes the theory,
   the time-line on the evolution of mammals has to be re-thought.
   The discoverers are being a bit more cautious than the TV news
   reports however.


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