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Re: "Mega-raptors" and the high frequency of undescribed dromaeosaurs in lists

In a message dated 97-11-22 15:35:39 EST, bh162@scn.org writes:

<< Currie et. al (in _Dinosaur Systematics_)
 described a new genus of theropod found in Campanian through
 Maastrichtian rocks (_Richardoestesia_) based on a scrappy
 jaw and some isolated teeth. >>

All paleontologists take note: Despite the prevalence of the spelling
_Richardoestesia_ in the original paper, the correct spelling of the name is
_Ricardoestesia_ (without the h). According to Robert Sloan, one of the
coauthors, an editor at Cambridge inadvertently misspelled almost all the
occurrences of the name _Ricardoestesia_ in the article with an unnecessary,
egregious, and pedestrian global word-processing command after proofreading
was finished. (Boy, was Sloan irritated when I showed him the published
article at the San Diego SVP in 1991.) According to the ICZN, this
unfortunate circumstance would have to be ignored had >all< occurrences of
the name in the article been misspelled, and the misspelling taken as
correct. But in >one caption< the spelling _Ricardoestesia_ was retained.
This allowed a "first revisor" to choose a correct spelling from the ones
available in the original article (majority of usage doesn't matter), so I
followed Sloan's wishes in >explicitly< choosing the spelling
_Ricardoestesia_ as a nomenclatural act in the second printing of _Mesozoic
Meanderings_ #2 in 1992.