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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #82

A new dinosaur genus and species are described in the article

Carpenter, K., 1997. "A Giant Coelophysoid (Ceratosauria) Theropod from the
Upper Triassic of New Mexico, USA," _Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und
Palaeontologie, Abhandlungen 205(2): 189-208.

The dinosaur is _Gojirasaurus quayi_, named for our favorite Japanese
dino-monster. It comes from the Cooper Canyon Formation (middle Norian),
along Revuelto Creek, Quay County, New Mexico. Material includes tooth,
cervical rib, two anterior dorsal ribs, one posterior dorsal rib, four
mid-dorsal centra, one mid-dorsal neural arch, one anterior chevron, two
gastralia(?), a right scapula, a right pubis, a left tibia, and one
metatarsal, all belonging to the same individual, a subadult estimated to be
5.5 meters long.

As several on the dinosaur list have noted, the December issue of _National
Geographic_ features an article on Patagonian dinosaurs in which the name
"Megaraptor" is given to a giant dromaeosaurid-like theropod based on a very
large pedal "killer claw," a metatarsal, an ulna, and a manual phalanx, as
yet undescribed, collected near Plaza Huincul, Argentina. Now that I have a
copy of the article, let me note that the species name "Megaraptor
namunhuaiquii" appears on a map therein, and the author of the article, James
Shreeve, quotes Fernando Novas with regard to the name. I presume the
description is in press and will appear shortly. Don't miss the _National
Geographic_ article, if only for the photo of the titanosaurid skull and the
excellent art by James Gurney. (Artwise, Gurney and Mark Hallett are sister

Thus we add genera #816 and 817 to the Dinosaur Genera List, as follows:

Gojirasaurus Carpenter, 1997
"Megaraptor" Novas vide Shreeve, 1997 [nomen nudum]

For the past three days I have been unable to update my web site with new
genera because of some kind of technical problem at America Online. I hope
this problem goes away soon; part of my fee goes toward paying for web space,
and I regard it as a breach of their contract when I cannot access the site
to update it.