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>Supposing all of Brian Franczak's information is correct (and I don't know
>one way or the other), exactly what is Gurney misappropriating?  If I paint
>a picture of myself in the same pose and expression as the "Mona Lisa" or
>the "Odalisque," have I misappropriated anything?

Yes, Brian is correct. Copying without inventive and without studying
anatomy or Paleontology leads to recognizable reproduction of Kaiyodo
models (or the work of other artists) in different postures.
Much of my dinosaur work is based on the influential solid studies of Greg
Paul. But one thing is let the influence of serious scientific studies of
researchers grow inside you and another is copy pictures or models without
even modifying them. And several times I have recognized my old Kaiyodos in
Gurney's work.
The result is that the paintings or drawings unfortunately lose personality
and have the feeling that 'we have seen them before'.
So it is not what you copy but how you copy it. A T.rex is always a T.rex
but the possibilities in posture, angles, ornamentation, body shape and
coloration can be endless, and the more variants the better. At least for
I wouldn't say Gurney 'plagiarizes' in the strict sense of the word though...

Luis Rey

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