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 I have been recently been reading up on Mesozoic mammal remains in the 
new evidence of the placental from Austrailia. I have one thing to say: 
mammal postcranial anatomy is easy, teeth are hard, and cranial anatomy 
is just so uniform. Its a shame dinosaurs are so interesting, I may want 
to study mammals.
 But let me get back on task. The intrepretation of the mammal being a 
placental is probably correct. It seems to have a tribosphenic molar, 
which at least guarantees that it is a "Eupantothere", part of a group 
ancestral to Therians ( Deltatherium {sp?}, Metatherians, Eutherians.) 
 Now how this correlates to dinosaurs ( this is a dinosaur list ), I 
think that a phylogeneic anaylis should be done on dinosaurs using just 
their teeth ( similiar to Weishampel et Horner using life history data.) 
What do you think everyone. ( Never mind the undiagnostic nature of the 
dinosaur tooth, it will be interesting.)

 And also; did any of you catch the Simpsons? Stephen J. Gould was a 
special guest. Very funny. Now if only they could get him on South Park 
or SNL.


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