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Re: Gojirasaurus

AETHERaptr@aol.com wrote:

>Does anyone have any more information on the Gojirasaurus? Like what 
type of
>dinosaur it was, and when it lived?

'Gojira' is the name used in Japan for the rubber movie monster we know 
as 'Godzilla,' as 'Gojira' was thought too difficult for American 
tongues to pronounce.  In the recent (80's-90's) revival of the Godzilla 
franchise, a rather ridiculous-looking, pro-Japanese-imperialism, 
Pacific-island-holdout "dinosaur" that was ultimately mutated into 
Gojira by Evil American Nuclear Weapons was called a 'Gojirasaurus.'  So 
there you have it.  It lived in the 40's and died (as the mutated, then 
resurrected, Gojira -- don't ask: it's a long, stupid story) in, I 
think, '95 or '96.  Look for him in U.S. theaters next Memorial Day 
(he'll be the really big guy).

If there's an actual dinosaur fossil carrying the name Gojirasaurus, 
please do let us know.  I'd love to hear about it.


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