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recumbent posture

About a month ago David Krentz asked about 'resting' postures in
dinosaurs. While he was thinking about this condition in very large animals
the one known case of which I am aware not only postulate a sitting pose,
but also the presence of 'feather -like' structures in the skin.
   Gerard Gierliski, of the Polish Geological Institute has described
Eubrontes minusculus as a sitting theropod from the lower Jurassic of
Massachusetts. The specimen consists of impressions of the feet,
belly, ischium (?) and what might (or might not) be fibrous epidermal
structures reminiscent of those on Sinosaurpoteryx. There are no
skeletal elements present  or any other information related to the actual
    The most recent publication is in Przeglad Geologiczny 45:419 (1997),
in English, with color photos. It is on the web at:

  Although the specimen is in a museum not more than 60 miles from here,
 I have not seen it.