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Re: Re-upping and Jim Gurney

Ralph Chapman wrote:

> >I am going to sign off for now by just saying that it is real easy to malign
> >someone's work, especially if you are ignorant of the process he or she
> >goes though to produce it.

I'm glad to see you're back.  And "hear hear".
I've been aware for several years on Gurney's processes for doing a painting.
He had a special photo article in COMMUNICATION ARTS several years ago
(preDinotopia) which showed him building a lighting model for a Pompeii
reconstruction and teh steps he goes through to DO the research required for Nat
Geo, plus finally getting down to the painting.  I haven't got the background
necessary to be aware of all his sources for his non-dinosaur works  as this has
covered things from Ancient Peru in pictures to wool-bearing mammals of the
world.  He's covered a lot of ground.
The only thing I've ever recognised Gurney doing that had been similar to
another source has been some of his pterosaur colorations, but this could be
that he is looking at the same source birds as others doing restorations and not
just straight plagiarism.

-Betty Cunningham