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Purloined Dinosaur Art

 Since I brought this matter up on the list in the first place, I must take
issue with Ralph Chapman's smokescreen of verbage and his accusation of
Brian Franczack's "slanderous assault" on Mr. Gurney. 
 All I ask of you folks on this list is to examine the Gurney illustration
on page 124 of the December 1997 issue of the _National Geographic_ magazine
and compare it with Mike Trcic's sculpture of Daspletosaurus, which is
available commercially and is illustrated in the catalog of the current
Bruce Museum show, _Designing Dinosaurs_. If you have any difficulty
obtaining an image of Mr. Trcic's Daspletetosaur sculpture, please contact
me off-list. To Mr. Chapman I would say, take the Geographic illustration
and compare it to Trcic's sculpture in one of your "various
three-dimensional digitizers and CT scanners" and morphometric your way out
of this one.
 In a recent conversation with Brian, he said to me that he expected
responses to his letter would inevitably pertain to jealousy or envy over
the success of Gurney's work. Chapman says,""It's just sad how easy it is
for people to hate someone because they are successful." Brian was
absolutely correct.
 I rest my case.
 Dan Varner