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New refs

Ok you taled me into some new refs (didn't take much prodding did it?)

The newest Archives of Natural History has some neat stuff with an
expected historical aspect.

Boylan, P.J. 1997. William Buckland (1784-1856) and the foundations of
taphonomy and palaeoecology. 24(3):361-372.

   Some discussions of early ideas of fossil reptile stuff. Historical and
maybe just for geezers like me (well, only 44) but interesting.

Rainger, R. 1997. Everett C. Olson and the development of vertebrate
paleoecology and taphonomy. 24(3):373-396.

    E.C. Olson is one of my heros so anything like this must be neat. Was
in the Permian of Texas with him and we were a string of cars with him
in the lead. He stopped his car, took one step, and found a complete
Diplocaulus head. Amazing. Nice paper so far.

Yaldwyn, J.C., et al. 1997. The status of Gideon Mantell's "first"
Iguanodon tooth in the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
   Interesting and very historical for anal dino types like me.

And finally from Earth Sciences History 16(1):44-49, Leo Laporte has a
review of GG Simpson's Sam Magruder book. I'll try and get Dave
Bohaska to remind me the whole history of finding the ms. in Simpson's
desk well after he died and how it got published as paleo and Sci-fi. Nice
book though and neat review. From 1997

Just finally got my own original copy of Brown and Schlaikjer (1943)
pachycephalosaur monograph (troodontid's then). Life is better.

Have a good holiday

Ralph Chapman, NMNH