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Re: chickens = trex instructions

The source is a book called MAKE YOR OWN  DINOSAUR OUT OF CHICKEN BONES.
it's fairly new and will be either in your bookstore's science section, kids
section, or humor section as a trade paperback.

 Make Your Own Dinosaur Out of Chicken Bones
               Chris McGowan, Illustrated by Julian Mulock, HarperCollins
Publishers, 1997, ISBN 0-06-095226-1

Don Lamson wrote:

> >Could I receive the instructions on building a t-rex skeleton out of
> >chicken(s) bones or be directed on how to get or purchase them?
> TIA.
> Don Lamson, lurker & friend of a Kindergarten teacher who yearly has her
> class create a dinosaur museum over the course of a month.  We are looking
> to
> do this for the museum.